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Soul Artist

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Art for the Soul

About Sam St. John

Sam St. John is a mixed media Indigenous artist from Hastings, Minnesota. Sam's art is grounded in the essence of storytelling, resilience, authenticity, and vulnerability. Rooted in the soul, art serves the purpose of evoking emotions, fostering connections, and building community. Sam holds the belief that creating art, in any form, is a means of self-healing. Through painting, she narrates her story, recognizing the power embedded in our narratives.


Sam encourages her students to discover their creative voice and inherent strength. Each piece of art carries a distinctive story and artistic expression. She emphasizes that our voices not only need but also deserve to be heard. Sam is a firm believer that art is for everyone and a powerful tool to heal, connect, and create community. 


Sam's artwork consists of experimentation of mediums and materials. She often feels inspired by nature, especially succulents, plants, and flowers. Sam uses life lessons and her healing journey to inspire her creative process as well as encouraging others to find a creative outlet. Sam shares her feelings, emotions, thoughts, and life experience guide her materials and brush strokes. Sam uses bright colors to bring joy to others and elevate spaces.

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